Choose how to support us. We also need your help.


You can donate your even small contribution to the AKNO For Life Foundation bank account.

IBAN Akno For Life Foundation ETS: IT28A0844133550000000052342


The gifts you give to the people closest to you today can have an extra value and be even more special. Choose to give a gift that can really be useful. Choose to help AKNO Foundation and enable those who need it most to receive valuable help. Your loved ones will also be gratified in heart and soul. A gesture of generosity will unite you even more.

Donate now your contribution, however large or small, in the name of a person close to you: they will receive an email from AKNO Foundation with a virtual card and an indication of the precious gift you are making to them. 


With your 5×1000 to AKNO For Life Foundation, your signature turns into assistance and concrete support to the most fragile and needy people.

In your income tax return, on the dedicated form, to support AKNO For Life Foundation you just have to put your signature in the reserved box and precisely indicate our Tax Code (“Codice Fiscale”) 97923840157.

Adhering to the 5 x1000 initiative does not entail any expenses or additional costs for the taxpayer: the choice is free of charge and does not change in any way the amount of IRPEF due.

In fact, it is a share of taxes that the State renounces to support the non-profit world and research.

Moreover, the 5 per thousand does not replace the 8 per thousand: that is, it does not prevent the 8 per thousand from being allocated to the State, the Catholic Church or other religious denominations.

This initiative allows each individual taxpayer to support socially useful activities and to choose directly how a share of their taxes is to be used.

It is an opportunity not to be missed to make your contribution to our AKNO For Life Foundation.


If you are the owner of a company, we will be happy to meet you to understand together how best to enhance your desire to support our projects.

The company may decide to support one of the events organised by the AKNO For Life Foundation, with the dual objective of supporting the Foundation’s projects and guaranteeing visibility for its brand.

Corporate charity actions related to CHRISTMAS are also possible: the company may choose to turn its greeting cards, for employees and customers, into a gesture of responsibility and solidarity by sending the cards created by AKNO For Life Foundation. The cards are available in a paper or digital version.


Offer a future and hope to those who do not have one. Choose to make a gesture of extreme generosity and choose to donate what you see fit to those who really need it. You will ensure a better quality of life for those who are in great difficulty and need your help.

Contact your Notary Public for detailed information on how you can make your support of the AKNO For Life Foundation and your help to those who are disadvantaged and in need of a better future a reality.

You will surely remain forever in the hearts of those who receive your valuable support.